Welcome to the Waste Coach site!

The Wast Coach application is developed to register food waste as it occurs in business environments like (fast food) restaurants and catered company restaurants, we provide implementation on any type of food preparation and selling environment. Our ambition is to expand the use of the Waste Coach to a global level because reducing food waste should be a global effort!

The idea behind the Waste Coach

By registering food waste in predefined categories and product items on a tablet or phone we can create business performance information which the owner and Kitchen Manager can use to steer on the amount ingredients to buy and stock.

The registration is done on product item level (like milk and buttermilk) beside the name and description we also add a purchase price, sales price amount and weight. These registrations are visible in trend graphics so they can be used to give feedback on the staff and expand the awareness on reduction of food waste.

User group specific development

Currently the Waste Coach applications are developed for 3 user groups;

  • Business / Catering / Restaurant
    • High level detail in registration en trends
    • Designed for 8 inch (or more) Android tablet
    • Multiple branches / locations possible
    • 5 languages beside English
    • 1300+ food related items in database
  • Consumer
    • Registration and trends on category level
    • Can be used FREE of charge
    • Designed for 8 inch (or more) Android tablet
  • Education
    • Registration and trends tailored on request
    • Registration values from a students point of view
    • Suitable for use in smart phone
    • Usable in school projects / assignments on sustainability and environment

Who will benefit from the Waste Coach?

Roughly: any type of food preparation and selling environment.

Large companies like Sodexo, Compass Group who manage large amounts of company restaurants could reduce a tremendous amount of food waste on a global level. Fast food franchises like Mc Donalds and Burger King and Hotel groups like Hilton or Marriott.

Smaller companies, restaurants with one location can benefit to, registration of the food waste will induce a mindset change with lower purchasing costs for ingredients and a larger margin on sold products.


Images say more then words..

This Irish video show perfectly what happens in professional kitchens worldwide!